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Wednesday, 23rd August 2023

Here’s the thing: if nearly all of the time the machine does the right thing, the human “supervisor” who oversees it becomes incapable of spotting its error. The job of “review every machine decision and press the green button if it’s correct” inevitably becomes “just press the green button,” assuming that the machine is usually right.

Cory Doctorow # 2:26 pm

llm-tracker. Leonard Lin’s constantly updated encyclopedia of all things Large Language Model: lists of models, opinions on which ones are the most useful, details for running Speech-to-Text models, code assistants and much more. # 4:11 am

PostgreSQL Lock Conflicts (via) I absolutely love how extremely specific and niche this documentation site is. It details every single lock that PostgreSQL implements, and shows exactly which commands acquire that lock. That’s everything. I can imagine this becoming absurdly useful at extremely infrequent intervals for advanced PostgreSQL work. # 3:08 am