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Thursday, 28th March 2024

llm-gemini 0.1a1. I upgraded my llm-gemini plugin to add support for the new Google Gemini Pro 1.5 model, which is beginning to roll out in early access.

The 1.5 model supports 1,048,576 input tokens and generates up to 8,192 output tokens—a big step up from Gemini 1.0 Pro which handled 30,720 and 2,048 respectively.

The big missing feature from my LLM tool at the moment is image input—a fantastic way to take advantage of that huge context window. I have a branch for this which I really need to get into a useful state.

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Wrap text at specified width. New Observable notebook. I built this with the help of Claude 3 Opus—it’s a text wrapping tool which lets you set the width and also lets you optionally add a four space indent.

The four space indent is handy for posting on forums such as Hacker News that treat a four space indent as a code block.

# 3:36 am / projects, observable, claude

Merge pull request #1757 from simonw/heic-heif. I got a PR into GCHQ’s CyberChef this morning! I added support for detecting heic/heif files to the Forensics -> Detect File Type tool.

The change was landed by the delightfully mysterious a3957273.

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