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Monday, 18th March 2024

900 Sites, 125 million accounts, 1 vulnerability (via) Google’s Firebase development platform encourages building applications (mobile an web) which talk directly to the underlying data store, reading and writing from “collections” with access protected by Firebase Security Rules.

Unsurprisingly, a lot of development teams make mistakes with these.

This post describes how a security research team built a scanner that found over 124 million unprotected records across 900 different applications, including huge amounts of PII: 106 million email addresses, 20 million passwords (many in plaintext) and 27 million instances of “Bank details, invoices, etc”.

Most worrying of all, only 24% of the site owners they contacted shipped a fix for the misconfiguration.

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It's hard to overstate the value of LLM support when coding for fun in an unfamiliar language. [...] This example is totally trivial in hindsight, but might have taken me a couple mins to figure out otherwise. This is a bigger deal than it seems! Papercuts add up fast and prevent flow. (A lot of being a senior engineer is just being proficient enough to avoid papercuts).

Geoffrey Litt

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