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Towards universal version control with Patchwork (via) Geoffrey Litt has been working with Ink & Switch exploring UI patterns for applying version control to different kinds of applications, with the goal of developing a set of conceptual primitives that can bring branching and version tracking to interfaces beyond just Git-style version control.

Geoffrey observes that basic version control is already a metaphor in a lot of software—the undo stack in Photoshop or suggestion mode in Google Docs are two examples.

Extending that is a great way to interact with AI tools as well—allowing for editorial bots that can suggest their own changes for you to accept, for example.

# 8th May 2024, 1:44 am / versioncontrol, ai, generative-ai, llms, geoffrey-litt

It's hard to overstate the value of LLM support when coding for fun in an unfamiliar language. [...] This example is totally trivial in hindsight, but might have taken me a couple mins to figure out otherwise. This is a bigger deal than it seems! Papercuts add up fast and prevent flow. (A lot of being a senior engineer is just being proficient enough to avoid papercuts).

Geoffrey Litt

# 18th March 2024, 6:16 pm / programming, ai, llms, geoffrey-litt

You Can Build an App in 60 Minutes with ChatGPT, with Geoffrey Litt (via) YouTube interview between Dan Shipper and Geoffrey Litt. They talk about how ChatGPT can build working React applications and how this means you can build extremely niche applications that you woudn’t have considered working on before—then to demonstrate that idea, they collaborate to build a note-taking app to be used just during that specific episode recording, pasting React code from ChatGPT into Replit.

Geoffrey: “I started wondering what if we had a world where everybody could craft software tools that match the workflows they want to have, unique to themselves and not just using these pre-made tools. That’s what malleable software means to me.”

# 10th January 2024, 11:41 pm / ai, react, generative-ai, chatgpt, llms, geoffrey-litt


I think it’s likely that soon all computer users will have the ability to develop small software tools from scratch, and to describe modifications they’d like made to software they’re already using.

Geoffrey Litt

# 27th March 2023, 6:10 am / ai, generative-ai, llms, geoffrey-litt


SQLite Happy Hour—a Twitter Spaces conversation about three interesting projects building on SQLite

Yesterday I hosted SQLite Happy Hour. my first conversation using Twitter Spaces. The idea was to dig into three different projects that were doing interesting things on top of SQLite. I think it worked pretty well, and I’m curious to explore this format more in the future.

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