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Wednesday, 16th January 2008

MacHeist Bundle. Everything’s now unlocked, meaning you can pick up TaskPaper, CSSEdit, Snapz Pro X (excellent for screencasts) and Pixelmator for $49. # 9:44 pm

Django snippets: “for” template tag with support for “else” if array is empty. A neat solution to a common pattern; I’d personally like to see this included in Django proper. # 9:42 pm

.first() and .last() methods for jQuery. I got fed up of expecting these to exist, so I wrote them as a couple of one-liner plugins. # 9:41 pm

Flickr: The Commons. Exciting pilot collaboration with the Library of Congress to release images with “no known copyright restrictions”. The header photo (of a bench) is one of my favourite spots in the world, in Mission Dolores Park, San Francisco. # 9:38 pm

Sun To Acquire MySQL. Sun also employ Josh Berkus, one of the lead developers of PostgreSQL. # 1:55 pm