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Tuesday, 1st January 2008

The technological future of the Web is in micro and macro structure. The approach to the micro is akin to proteins and surface binding--or, to put it another way, phenotropics and pattern matching. Massively parallel agents need to be evolved to discover how to bind onto something that looks like a blog post; a crumb-trail; a right-hand nav; a top 10 list; a review; an event description; search boxes.

Matt Webb # 12:13 pm

EditArea. Impressive JavaScript source code editor, with syntax highlighting, brace matching, search and replace and more. # 12:09 pm

JavaScript: It’s Just Not Validation! I like the explanation of JavaScript as offering input assistance rather than validation. # 12:07 pm

Chatting with Adrian Holovaty. Fabio Akita interviews Adrian about Django and related topics. # 11:44 am

Everyone applauds when Google goes after Microsoft’s Office monopoly [...] but when they start to go after web non-profits like Wikipedia, you see where the ineluctible logic leads. As Google’s growth slows, as inevitably it will, it will need to consume more and more of the web ecosystem, trading against its former suppliers, rather than distributing attention to them.

Tim O'Reilly # 11:29 am

This Week in Django podcast. Michael Trier’s been doing a really fantastic job putting together a Django podcast. The most recent episode (number 4) includes an update on the newforms-admin branch and a couple of handy tips. # 10:44 am