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Thursday, 3rd January 2008

Do not treat Flickr photo IDs as integers (via) “The good news is, Flickr reached photo number 2147483647 yesterday. Go Flickr! The bad news is that number 2147483647 is the limit for signed integer data type.” # 10:46 pm

For me, the big problem with Facebook is the plain fact that it’s an extremely annoying piece of software. [...] The central issue for me is that Facebook suffers a severe reverse network effect: the more people who join, the less useful it becomes.

Ben Brown # 4:50 pm “Standardized Data Portability is the next great frontier for the web. As users, our identity, photos, videos and other forms of personal data should be discoverable by, and shared between our chosen tools or vendors.” # 4:49 pm

Undo commit in subversion. svn merge -r 1708:1707—I can never remember how to do this. # 4:43 pm

The strain due to the fact that most business desktops are locked into the Microsoft platform, at a time when both the Apple and GNU/Linux alternatives are qualitatively safer, better, and cheaper to operate, will start to become impossible to ignore.

Tim Bray # 1:08 pm