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Tuesday, 7th August 2007

SproutCore (via) MVC JavaScript framework used to build the new .Mac Web Gallery application. # 11:35 pm

CodePress. “Real Time Syntax Highlighting Editor written in JavaScript”. # 10:49 pm

Atom Models. Building Python classes that act as utility wrappers around data stored in an lxml DOM object. # 4:02 pm

Dynamic Help in Web Forms. Luke Wroblewski catalogues patterns for providing contextual help. # 4:01 pm They scrape Wikipedia and extract useful information from it so you don’t have to. # 3:24 pm

Bruce Schneier interviews Kip Hawley. The head of the Transportation Security Administration in conversation with one of his most eloquent critics. # 3:23 pm

jQuery in 15 minutes. A quick introduction I put together. Much more interesting in conjunction with Firebug powered demos. # 2:57 pm

ETags, ETags, ETags. They’re no magic bullet. # 2:51 pm

Sweet Gig. SitePen seek “R&D Associate” to have fun hacking on Open Source software and researching whatever they think is important. # 2:47 pm

DNS Pinning Explained. With diagrams. # 11:01 am

Inline images are stored as data URI:s in the intermediate format (and usually also in the source documents), but since not all browsers support this format, the renderer replaces the data URI:s with HTTP pointers to an image cache directory.

Fredrik Lundh # 10:52 am