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Tuesday, 21st August 2007

In 1997, I chose to suppress a similar finding: users tend to click on banner ads that look like dialog boxes, complete with fake OK and Cancel buttons.

Jakob Nielsen

# 6:34 pm / bannerads, coverup, jakob-nielsen, usability

Django and the iPhone tutorial. How to install SSH, Python and Django on your iPhone and get Django running against the call database. Less complicated than I expected.

# 11:34 am / django, iphone, jay-baird, tutorial

H.264 support coming to the Flash player. It looks like this is a response to the higher video quality offered by Silverlight. I wonder if YouTube knew about this when they started transcoding their videos to H.264 for the Apple TV and iPhone.

# 8:28 am / adobe, appletv, flash, h264, iphone, microsoft, silverlight, video, youtube

XRAY now works in IE. Westciv’s smart CSS debugging bookmarklet now works in IE 6.

# 8:07 am / bookmarklet, css, debugging, ie6, westciv, xray

An update on Google Video feedback. Google are now offering a real refund to everyone who bought a video, and are letting people keep the Google Checkout credit as well. Purchased videos will keep working for six months.

# 7:54 am / dontbeevil, google, google-video