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Saturday, 18th August 2007

Changeset 5925. You can now register custom commands for your application with Django’s script. More sensible than littering your application’s root directory with shell scripts.

# 11:06 am / django, managepy, python

The Python docs have been redesigned for 2.6. They’re beautiful. The docs for a module are on a single page now (rather than splitting over multiple pages), they’ve added unobtrusive permalinks to individual sections and the whole thing is built on ReST rather than LaTeX.

# 12:39 pm / documentation, latex, python, rest

Group Membership Protocol Endpoint on LiveJournal. “All LiveJournal users and communities have their friend or member lists exposed via group membership protocol.”

# 12:56 pm / groupmembershipprotocol, livejournal, openid