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Wednesday, 1st August 2007 A Python client library for accessing ActiveMQ using the STOMP protocol. Pleasantly simple API for both sending and accepting messages.

# 1:50 pm / activemq, messaging, python, stomp

Django, iCal and vObject. Easy iCal generation for Django using vObject.

# 11:09 am / derekwillis, django, ical, python, vobject

Net::SSH revisited (via) Dependency injection (at least in Ruby) officially isn’t cool any more.

# 10:42 am / assafarkin, dependencyinjection, jamis-buck, ruby, ssh

Java’s Fear of Commitment (via) How Java culture emphasises interfaces and layers of abstraction over solving problems directly.

# 10:32 am / django, java

YUI 2.3.0. New components are a rich text editor, dojo-style package loader, lazy ImageLoader, colour picker and unit test framework. Easier skinning as well.

# 8:20 am / dojo, javascript, skinning, testing, yui