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Saturday, 16th December 2006

RoundedCornr. Generates code for rounded corner boxes (with optional graded fills—very Web 2.0). Slightly different way of nesting divs to the way I’ve used in the past. # 11:49 pm

YUI CSS Grid builder (via) The YUI CSS grid system can be hard to get your head around. This interactive tool makes it much easier to figure out. # 10:30 pm

SubWiki (via) A wiki that uses Subversion for its data repository, implemented as a Python CGI. # 7:19 pm

Google Code gets wikis and file downloads. Someone finally wrote a project wiki that stores its pages inside the Subversion repository. # 12:35 pm

An open letter to Mike Arrington. Former co-editor Mike Butcher’s take on the demise of TechCrunch UK. “Citizen Kane 2.0”. # 12:19 pm

Dependency injection is the enterprisey name for trampling over namespaces with reckless abandon.

Ted Dziuba # 1:05 am

Fast and Simple Usability Testing. Nat’s 24ways article on practical usability testing (and hedgehogs). # 12:20 am

Never store passwords in a database! The developers just learnt this the hard way. It might be time to change some of your passwords. # 12:01 am