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Thursday, 21st December 2006

Comment transformer votre blog en une OpenID ? My piece on OpenID tranlated in to French by Christophe Ducamp. # 3:26 pm

Javascript character set screw-ups (via) Some browsers treat JavaScript files as having the same content-type as the page from which they are linked. This could cause problems with UTF-8 encoded JSON; the workaround is serving up ASCII with unicode escape sequences. # 3:20 pm

CNET interviewer assaulted by flying wang. Aah, Second Life. Never a dull moment. # 10:36 am

Introducing text-stroke. Webkit has some sexy new CSS properties: -webkit-text-fill-color, -webkit-text-stroke-color, -webkit-text-stroke-width. # 10:34 am

The good thing about reinventing the wheel is that you can get a round one.

Douglas Crockford # 10:14 am