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Sunday, 17th December 2006

Meta-classes Made Easy. Fuzzyman introduces a metaclass factory for applying a decorator to every method of a class.

# 12:42 am / decorators, fuzzyman, metaclasses, python

phpMyID. A simple, stand-alone OpenID server in a single PHP script with no dependencies. Makes managing your own identity trivial.

# 9:06 am / openid, php

Ma.gnolia supports OpenID. Text book implementation: you can associate your OpenID with an existing account and log in using either OpenID or your regular username and passwerd.

# 9:29 am / magnolia, openid

Django on Dreamhost: incomplete headers. Fix this problem on Dreamhost by renaming django.fcgi to dispatch.fcgi (they special-case for Rails users; Django users can tag along).

# 9:36 am / django, dreamhost, fastcgi, rails