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Monday, 18th December 2006

Ten Web 2.0 APIs you can really use. An excellent collection. # 7:01 pm

The Rise of a Web 2.0 Technology Stack (via) “Enterprise Mashup Server”—because Web 2.0 wasn’t enterprisey enough... # 6:57 pm

Introducing Operator. New microformat detecting Firefox extension, developed at IBM and released by Mozilla Labs. Examples are from Yahoo! Local, Upcoming and Flickr. # 4:36 pm

__builtins__ usage. Avoid using __builtins__ if you want your code to be compatible with IronPython. # 3:22 pm

SSH ControlPath/ControlMaster. How to get OpenSSH v4 and above to re-use an existing SSH connection for multiple sessions, dramatically speeding up connection start times. # 11:53 am