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Sunday, 24th December 2006

A Cost Analysis of Windows Vista Content Protection (via) Vista’s content protection is a nightmare for hardware manufacturers and consumers alike. It’s far worse than even BoingBoing readers would expect.

# 10:34 am / contentprotection, drm, security, vista

Rails vs Django Paper and Slides. Even if you’ve already read the paper you should check out the slides. Really good flow, clear and clever use of diagrams.

# 12:43 pm / django, presenting, rails, slides

VMWare Fusion (virtualization for Mac). Competition is good. The race is on between VMWare and Parallels as to who can get 3D acceleration virtualized first (and let me play Half-Life 2 without using BootCamp).

# 12:49 pm / parallels, virtualization, vmware

Friends, friendsters, and top 8: Writing community into being on social network sites. I finally got around to reading this. Fascinating; lots to digest.

# 7:32 pm / danah-boyd, myspace, socialnetworks, socialsoftware