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Tuesday, 12th December 2006

Statement Functions. Smart workaround for the lack of multi-line lambdas in Python. # 7:08 pm

Making GWT Better. Explains the philosophy behind GWT. It’s all about the tools! # 5:53 pm

GWT 1.3 Release Candidate is 100% Open Source. At least you can see how the code generator works now. # 5:50 pm

Russian squirrel pack “kills dog” (via) “The little beasts are agitated because they have nothing to eat”. # 1:59 pm

100% Python SCGI implementation. SCGI is like FastCGI but simpler. # 1:37 pm

How many taps in a URL? Designing URLs for entry on a mobile phone. # 12:28 pm

A General Theory of Programming Language Relativity. Functional languages have clearer levels of indirection. # 8:56 am

Agile Development -or- How to name a religion. Clever language trick: If you’re not doing agile, you’re “not agile”. # 8:54 am

Java SE 6 Released. “Script engines” (like JavaScript, Jython and JRuby) become a first class citizen. # 8:48 am