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Tuesday, 4th May 2004

Chris_Pratley’s WebLog. The program manager for Word and OneNote joins the MS blogging revolution # 6:37 pm

Bruce Schneier: We are all security customers. How can the US get the best return on investment for homeland security? # 6:34 pm

Mark Pilgrim’s Atom feed (via) Atom + XSL + CSS = a self explanatory feed that functions in a browser. # 5:39 pm

When semantic markup goes bad. Matthew Thomas argues for <b> and <i> # 5:38 pm

PayPal Announces ’’PayPal Web Services’’ (via) It looks like these are aimed at people who pay others using PayPal. # 5:33 pm

Jython. Tim Bray gets excited about Jython, and says nice things about Python in the process. # 7:22 am

CSS Support in Safari (via) A full list of properties, from Apple themselves. # 6:46 am

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