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Monday, 31st May 2004

Wikipedia enhancements

I don’t know when it happened, but Wikipedia has a stylish new design in mostly valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional (the front page validates, some of the inside pages do not) with a CSS layout to boot. They even have an option to turn off the single layout table used on their home page. The site seems much easier to navigate now and the organisation of the front page is a masterpiece of information architecture. When you’ve got over 250,000 articles just in the English version providing a useful home page is going to be a challenge, but Wikipedia pulls it off with aplomb.

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Smoke, Mirrors and Silence: The Browser Wars Reignite (via) This time it’s web standards vs whatever MS are cooking up for Longhorn. # 9:59 pm

Cheese-rolling gets back on track. I guess I missed the cheese rolling this year. # 8:45 pm

Hackers & Painters (via) Paul Graham’s new book. # 8:42 pm

Understanding Apache file permissions. From OnLamp’s A Day in the Life of #Apache series. # 8:09 pm

Solving the “silent data loss” problem in RSS 2.0 (via) RSS to take inspiratiom from Atom? # 7:56 pm

Repro, Man. “... the age of Word’s code base has surpassed the legal drinking age in all 50 states.” # 7:46 am

Edward Tufte: Sparklines. An entire chapter from E.T.’s forthcoming book “Beautiful Evidence”. # 5:05 am

Daring Fireball: Security Cannot Be Spun. Apple’s communication handling of the recent security problem was atrocious. # 4 am

Pink Numbers [dive into mark]. Because you can’t go wrong with even more blog clutter. # 3:07 am

A note on testing classNames in Konqueror and MSN/Mac (via) Apparently running a regex on .className can cause problems if an element has no class. # 12:09 am

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