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Sunday, 30th May 2004

Id-Ego-Superego. Web service that adds ID attributes to HTML and XHTML documents. # 10:56 pm

The Internet Slum (via) I can’t decide if this is pessimistic, realistic or both. # 10:50 pm

’Purple Numbers" show a need for better linking tools (via) He’s right of course, but for granular linking to be useful it has to work in today’s browsers. # 8:26 pm

More Purple Haze. Jonas Luster is tracking the purple numbers discussion. # 8:22 pm

A few more thoughts on plinks

From the comments on my plinks entry, it seems some people are seeing ugly green hash marks all over the place. If that includes you, you need to force-reload my stylesheet to ensure you are getting the copy with the plink hiding styles.

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Ubiquitious Fragment Identifiers. mnot reveals his ID anchors using CSS generated content. # 9:06 am

plinks—a purple numbers variant

Via Tim Bray, I came across the concept of Purple Numbers. In a nutshell these are permalinks attached to every paragraph on a page which, to paraphrase Tim, make every paragraph on a page a first-class Web citizen.

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