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Tuesday, 18th May 2004

Atom discussion minutes

The minutes from the Atom/W3C discussion in New York have been posted online. Unfortunately the default formatting is pretty difficult to follow. I found it a lot easier to figure out who was saying what after applying the following CSS (using the test styles bookmarklet):

[... 81 words]

Random access to Web audio. Standard MP3s can be randomly accessed using HTTP’s range header—without any extra server software. # 10:03 pm

Defending against the OS X help: vulnerability

There’s a nasty OS X vulnerability under discussion at the moment which lets a web page execute code on your machine by taking advantage of a flaw in the “help:” protocol. There’s a non-malicious demonstration of the exploit on this page, and Jay Allen is hosting a discussion on the exploit and ways to avoid it.

[... 253 words]

Mac OS X URI Handler Arbitrary Code Execution (via) Very nasty: affects all web browsers, allows compromise by malicious web sites. # 3:39 pm

Childless couple told to try sex. But of course, abstinence only sex education is the way to go. # 5:51 am

Why Windows is a Security Nightmare. The pain of Windows Update over a 56K modem. # 5:50 am

The Fishbowl: Type Inference and Java. Why Java’s implementation of static typing is stupid. # 5:45 am

indieWIRE BLOGS: Morgan Spurlock. The director of Super Size Me has a blog, updated daily. # 5:31 am

RTFM: A Guide to Online Research. An oldie but goldie from Steve Champeon. Watch out for the intrusive ads though (and bemoan the demise of WebMonkey). # 3:19 am

Joho the Blog: “We are legal”. Dave Weinberger reports from Massachusetts. # 3:11 am

Eurovision Contestants. RealPlayer videos of every song! # 1:11 am

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