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Sunday, 2nd May 2004

Google, circa 1998

Thanks to the ever impressive Internet Archive (did you know they host old public information films as well?) here’s Google’s homepage from 1998. Their searchable index was slightly less than 25 million pages, their hardware was less than a dozen machines apparently held together with lego and their crawler was called BackRub. Following the links will take you to Sergey and Larry’s homepages, where digging a little deeper will even uncover the now infamous Sergey-in-drag photo.

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Google Blog? They’re teasing us.

# 8:45 pm

Resign Patterns (via) Ailments of Unsuitable Project-Disoriented Software

# 8:46 pm

Sasser worm ’spreading rapidly’. Here we go again.

# 8:49 pm

New worm’s got sass, but not much else | CNET Analysis of the sasser worm.

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Staying valid

Andrei Herasimchuk:

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Russian Museum to Exhibit Rasputin’s Penis. This isn’t a joke. Picture included.

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