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Wednesday, 19th May 2004

EU votes through software patent changes (via) There goes the neighbourhood. # 6:58 pm

Design Eye for the Usability Guy. Jakob Nielsen gets the makeover of a life time. # 3:31 pm

Curiosity is bliss: Video streaming over HTTP. VLC + DivX can jump to points in a file as well. # 3:33 am

Domain Keys Explained

Via Jeremy Zawodny,, Yahoo’s Anti-Spam Resource Center have published an explanation of their proposed Domain Keys spam fighting technique. At first glance it looks very promising. There’s no centralised authority, no requirements for changes to existing protocols and the central concept is extremely easy to understand. Essentially, mail servers generate a public/private key pair and sign outgoing messages with the private key, while publishing the public key as part of their DNS record. Because only they can publish to their public key in this way the signature can be used to confirm that the sender of the email has not been spoofed. The presence or lack of a signature can be used as part of the process of identifying spam.

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Writing The Code is the Easy Bit. Why writing a CMS gets harder with experience. # 1:27 am

Top 10 Elements of Good Software Design. Always a worthy topic. # 1:16 am

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