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Saturday, 29th May 2004

Time to fix those broken pages

I have a whole bunch of gripes about Internet Explorer, but my personal favourite is the way it will render a document served with a text/plain Content-Type header if it thinks the file might contain HTML. The direct result of this is that people with misconfigured web servers who are serving their HTML with the wrong Content-Type frequently don’t realise, so when users of better behaved browsers such as FireFox visit they get hit in the face with a page of raw source code.

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Sam Ruby: Détente. Absolute required reading for anyone with an interest in syndication. # 7:53 pm

Neowin Interview: Ben Goodger from the Mozilla Foundation. FireFox 0.9 will only be a 4.9 MB download. # 4:35 pm

How to debug JavaScript using MS script editor. This kind of comment is why I will never implement comment registration or anything like it. # 4:12 am

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