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Tuesday, 24th June 2003

Friends’ Blogs

My friend Tristan has got his blosxom powered blog up and running again. He’s also set up an experimental public aggregator of feeds from a small group of friends from Uni, using blosxom’s companion aggregator blagg. I think public aggregators are going to become a popular end point for RSS in the near future: they’re a great way of creating an instant community from existing weblogs. The Python Programmer Weblogs page is a great example of this in action.

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Bruce Eckel on Python as a teaching language

From the latest Artima interview:

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PHP philosophy, and bundling SQLite

Here’s a great quote from Rasmus Lerdorf (the creator of PHP) for people who have become disheartened with PHP’s lack of elegance when compared to other languages such as Python:

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BBC News Feeds

Adrian Holovaty has the scoop on the BBC’s new RSS feeds, one for every news index page of their site. Adrian has also written a bookmarklet to find the feed for any section of the BBC site.

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