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Tuesday, 17th June 2003

Gorgeous CSS Rollovers

I’ve been planning a follow-up to my basic link styling tutorial for over a week now, but it’s going to be a lot shorter now thanks to Al Sparber’s excellent Uberlink CSS Rollover tutorial, which covers a lot of useful concepts and ends up with a truly gorgeous looking result. Thoroughly recommended.

Easier form validation with PHP

Let’s talk about form validation. Here’s what I would class as the ideal validation system for a form in a web application:

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HTML Definition Lists

Ben Meadowcroft has a new tutorial up showing how definition lists can be used in semantic markup for lists of definitions, such as glossaries.

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Gecko beats IE!

I haven’t looked at the statistics for this site in a few months. It turns out I was in for a pleasant surprise:

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Eldred Act Reasoning

Lawrence Lessig explains why the proposed Eldred Act does not go further in its aims to reclaim the public domain.

IRC on your mobile

Russell Beattie has posted an enthusiastic description of a new IRC application for his mobile phone. It looks really neat, but what got me really interested was his post today about his new laptop:

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Origin of “list comprehension”

Via Jarno Virtanen, a comp.lang.python post explaining the origin of the term “list comprehension”, Python’s clever alternative syntax for filtering lists (see this chapter of Dive Into Python). The term comes from set theory; it’s nice to know that stuff was worth learning after all ;)

Python generators for database result sets

I’ve read several articles on Python generators now, and I had almost got my head around them, but then I read this: Iterators and Databases by Andy Todd, which demonstrates a simple but intuitive way of using generators to iterate through rows from a database query without having to load all of the rows in to a list in memory first. Brilliant.

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