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Tuesday, 10th June 2003

Under the Iron

Under the Iron is a series of interviews with interesting people. The most recent three include one with Mark Pilgrim, which talks in part about Mark’s reasons for creating diveintoaccessibility:

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Authentication via POP3

Authenticating users through a third party POP3 server (Python sample code provided) is a really interesting idea, but one that I don’t think could ever be used in the wild. Firstly, I haven’t the slightest idea what my POP3 password is as I tend to save it in my mail application and forget about it. Secondly (and more importantly) is trust: how many web sites do I trust enough to give them my email password whenever I log in?

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Home improvements

Exams are all over and I’ve had a few days of doing nothing to recuperate. I’ve also made a couple of small improvements to my blog. Firstly I’ve finally updated the comment system (after numerous vocal complaints) to provide a preview option and redisplay the form in the case of invalid markup. I’ve also changed the monthly archive pages to display the titles of all of the posts from that month instead of just showing which days had entries. In my experience date based navigation is the least useful way of finding old content in a blog (search, categories and related reading are far more valuable) but the new way of presenting monthly archives at least gives an overall view of the topics I was posting about over a particular time period.

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