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Sunday, 15th June 2003

Improving label element discoverability

My good friend Andy is soliciting applications to be his other half via his blog. He’s a lovely guy, so go sign up! More importantly, the stylesheet for his romance test includes this gem:

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More practical benefits of web standards

D. Keith Robinson recently launched the redesigned website for the Washington State Drowning Prevention Network. He has written a fascinating account of the development process used for the site, which validates as XHTML 1.0 Transitional and uses CSS for layout. The following extract in particular caught my eye:

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Better mailing list archive integration

Peter Van Djick:

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Well that explains an awful lot. I was getting a huge number of complaints about lost comments when people were told off by my comment HTML checker, so it’s nice to know that the problem wasn’t entirely my fault! I fixed the problem (and dramatically improved the usability of the system as a whole) a few days ago by adding a proper preview / re-serve the form ability to the comments system.

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Javascript, the DOM and application/xhtml

One of the side-effects of switching my blog to serving pages as application/xhtml+xml to browsers that support it (mainly Gecko engine browsers) was that my blockquote citations script simply stopped working in those browsers. The reason this happened is touched upon by Mark Pilgrim in The Road to XHTML 2.0: MIME Types: essentially, when dealing with XML documents Gecko needs you to use document.createElementNS in place of document.createElement when manipulating the DOM.

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Phil Ringnalda on Firebird extensions

Phil Ringnalda writes about Firebird extensions:

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