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Saturday, 14th June 2003

More CSS Zen Garden submissions

The CSS Zen Garden is growing at a pretty impressive rate, with another three submissions since I last checked it a few days ago: Friendly Beaches, Calm & Smooth and Viridity. Also added recently is What Lies Beneath, which is unique in being the first horizontally rather than vertically oriented layout. It’s a shame there’s no automated way of tracking the garden (an RSS feed of new submissions for example) as I keep on forgetting to check back for new material.

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The Way Forward

Dave Shea: The Way Forward:

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Course management systems

Via EdTechDev, this report on the important characteristics of course management systems makes very interesting reading. I’ve been considering doing something along these lines for my final year project at University, but I hadn’t realised how much work had already been done in this field. It still looks like an area with a lot of space for improvement though.

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I’ve changed the date heading for each post to display the relative time since the entry was posted, rather than absolute the date and time. My main reason for doing this is that it solves the timezone problem; all times on this site are in GMT, but the majority of the site’s visitors are likely to be in different timezones. Showing the time elapsed since the entry was posted serves everyone regardless of their location.

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Small design tweak, big difference

I’ve changed from using the day as the principle heading on the front page to using the title of each post instead. This is quite a minor alteration, but I expect it to have a relatively large impact on my blogging habits. For the past year I have treated my blog as a daily endeavour, thanks almost entirely to the way the site was layed out. This was intentional; when I orginally launched blog I made the decision to keep each entry as part of an ongoing narrative, with no individual entry titles and permalinks to entries in the context of the day they were posted.

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The reason monopolies are a bad idea

I wasn’t planning to cover the recent AOL and Microsoft announcements as they’ve been covered to death elsewhere by people with far more insight than myself, but this third piece of news seems to bring things to a head: Microsoft have announced the end of development of Internet Explorer for the Mac. I’ve never really had access to this browser but I’ve read enough to know that it was the first full browser release to take web standards seriously, and as such plays a very important part in the history of the web standards movement. It’s sad to see it come to an end, but it also raises yet more questions about the direction Microsoft is taking with regards to the web.

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