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Monday, 16th June 2003

Accesskeys on ALA

Accesskeys: Unlocking Hidden Navigation is the first new technical article on A List Apart in months. I didn’t think there was much that could be said about accesskeys, but the tutorial has some nice ideas to help make them more obvious without being too intrusive. I think the approach demonstrated by the The Ontario Ministry of Energy site is the most appealing, with single letters corresponding to accesskeys underlined as they are in application menus.

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Another MP Blogger

Fantastic! Tom Watson has now been joined by Richard Allan (Liberal Democrat MP for Sheffield Hallam) in the ranks of MPs with their own weblog. It looks like it’s going to be really good; Richard is something of a geek (he runs RedHat 8.0 at home) and in one of his first entries he takes advantage of his position as an MP to extract information from Tiscali about broadband pricing issues in the UK.

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Evangelism is WAR

Evangelism is WAR is a fascinating account (actually, the first chapter of an upcoming book) of the principles behind Technical Evangelism at Microsoft and the methods they use to establish their platforms as the dominant players. It’s author is James Plamondon, who worked at Microsoft as a Technical Evangelist for 8 years. It’s a great read, and it’s also entertaining to see developers and customers referred to as “pawns” throughout. Found via a link on the Mozilla Tech Evangelism site.

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Further more...

By coincidence, Jeffrey Zeldman just posted something in a similar vein to my previous rant, looking at things from a different angle:

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Missing the point

The Register’s coverage of the end of development for IE on the Mac makes some worrying conclusions:

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Tim Bray on search

I love it when bloggers stick to their word. The other day, while describing a quick Perl hack that really impressed a major client a few years ago, Tim Bray mentioned the following:

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