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Under the Iron

10th June 2003

Under the Iron is a series of interviews with interesting people. The most recent three include one with Mark Pilgrim, which talks in part about Mark’s reasons for creating diveintoaccessibility:

I laugh when I hear people say “I can’t retrofit my web site, it’s too expensive!” Hey, you want retrofitting? People are tearing down walls and excavating and so forth to provide ramps, and wider aisles, and all sorts of other concessions to people with disabilities out in the real world. Don’t tell me you can’t afford to add a few extra tags. I mean, they’re tags! Not even difficult ones. Here, I’ll show you...

The interview site makes interesting use of a style switcher combined with the Fahrner Image Replacement technique to provide an alternative “image free” version.

This is Under the Iron by Simon Willison, posted on 10th June 2003.

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