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Thursday, 11th December 2003

New Google results page design. Looks nice—it hasn’t hit our local cluster yet # 7:34 pm

Shazam! Amazement personified # 7:23 pm

Comparing Iterables (via) itertools trickery # 6:11 pm

Extreme Programming FAQ (via) A good overview of XP # 3:43 am

KJSEmbed Examples (via) Write KDE applications in Javascript and XML # 3:43 am

Satan ( (via) “This is Satan, an entity engaged in war and a god. He is part of Gods, which is part of Supernatural Beings, which is part of Connections, which is part of” # 3:18 am

xsdb (via) A new Python-powered object database # 3:09 am

Python can run fast on the CLR (via) IronPython on .NET 70% faster than CPython(!) # 3:07 am

OOP over the top. Using XML for data-driven programming # 2:50 am

The briQ (via) A full linux PC that fits in a 5.25" drive bay # 2:35 am

Clagnut’s Blogmarks. Richard shares his bookmarklet # 2:32 am

Ask The Expert -- Rudy’s forgotten more about SQL than most developers learn in a lifetime # 2:10 am

My first SitePoint article

Enhancing Structural Markup with JavaScript is my first published article for SitePoint, a web development portal that is also home to some of the best web design forums on the web. I’ve been a big fan of SitePoint for a number of years and it’s great to finally have contributed something to the site. The article discusses two methods of building useful Javascript effects on top of well structured markup and is based on my easytoggle and blockquote citations experiments, both previously featured on this blog.

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fan and ball (via) Another 3D shockwave game. Fun squared. # 1:29 am

Snowfight 3D (via) 3D shockwave game—fun fun fun # 1:29 am

When to put the web into Web Services. aka “What’s SOAP actually useful for?” # 1:10 am

The Poetry of Programming (via) More on the Master of Fine Arts in Software # 12:59 am

Link dumps. I never realised how popular these things were # 12:58 am

Writing Efficient CSS (via) I like shorthand properties more for saving typing than for saving bandwidth # 12:54 am

Sam Ruby: Learning to Rest. Every time Sam talks about Rest my eyes begin to cross over # 12:52 am

We will not ship shit. (via) Words to live by # 12:51 am

Linkrot. A personal alternative to the Google cache would make a fun project # 12:50 am (via) A welcome replacement for Mozilla’s demised web-sniffer tool # 12:48 am

Breadth first traversal of a tree. Mind bending usage of yield. Depth-first traversal is left as an exercise for the reader. # 12:47 am

A Day in the Life of #Apache. The AllowOverride directive explained in newbie friendly terms # 12:44 am

LUFS Intro. “LUFS is a hybrid userspace file system framework” # 12:41 am

More blogmark tweaks

I’m up to 110 blogmarks now, and from my point of view they’re the single most useful feature I’ve added to this site in a long time. I’ve modified my day archive pages to show the blogmarks added on that day, and I’m considering adding them to individual entry pages as well so that an entry is displayed along with the blogmarks added while that entry was at the top of my blog. The idea there is that I could aim to blogmark “related items” for the top entry, although obviously unrelated sites would end up in there as well.

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