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More blogmark tweaks

11th December 2003

I’m up to 110 blogmarks now, and from my point of view they’re the single most useful feature I’ve added to this site in a long time. I’ve modified my day archive pages to show the blogmarks added on that day, and I’m considering adding them to individual entry pages as well so that an entry is displayed along with the blogmarks added while that entry was at the top of my blog. The idea there is that I could aim to blogmark “related items” for the top entry, although obviously unrelated sites would end up in there as well.

The other thing I’m currently mulling over is whether or not blogmarks should allow comments. Jason Kottke’s inline links get a decent amount of comment traffic but I’m not sure mine would get enough individual traffic to warrant a comments thread for each one. I could always add comments to the blogmark daily archive pages, although that could get confusing on days with a lot of comment-worthy links.

Does anyone actually look at the blogmarks? Would you comment on them or read the comments if they were available?

This is More blogmark tweaks by Simon Willison, posted on 11th December 2003.

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