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Monday, 29th December 2003

One-page C# intro (via) If you know Java, this shouldn’t take too long # 11:50 pm

Javascript from Python

In a way I’m disappointed to see python-spidermonkey released. It’s a Python wrapper around the Mozilla project’s SpiderMonkey Javascript engine which allows Python scripts to execute Javascript code in a rock-solid, battle-tested embedded interpreter.

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Windows XP Box (via) A Win XP box in a Win XP box # 6:21 pm

Entries in Life: Nice Trojan. Another way of tricking people in to executing attachments # 5:55 pm

Learning Python, 2nd Edition (via) It’s finally finished # 2:56 pm

Newspapers US and Worldwide (via) That’s a lot of online news # 2:52 pm

Donate to Wikipedia (via) Now this is a cause worth supporting # 2:40 pm

Is planned obsolescence socially responsible? (via) All in the name of strengthening the economy # 2:32 pm

A belated Merry Christmas

I’m back to work after enjoying that most precious of things: a holiday without computers. Comment spam has been deleted, email spam has been saved in a special folder (for rapid training of bayesian classifiers in the future) and the few emails of actual importance have all been flagged for follow up. Oh, and my Mac’s shipping date has slipped to the 2nd of January. If haven’t received it by Macworld and Apple drop the price I’ll be understandably upset.

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