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Tuesday, 16th December 2003

About Google Print (BETA) (via) Google’s take on “search inside the book” # 7:31 pm

Apples and pears. How to get two types of apple from one tree # 4:54 pm

RELAX NG now an ISO standard

Via James Robertson, RELAX NG (altogether too many caps) has been published by ISO as an International Standard. RELAX NG compact syntax is will hopefully join it soon.

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Napster: The Cat is Cool. Amazingly, it doesn’t completely suck! # 3:04 am

Getting open source into public libraries. now available in most Scottish libraries # 2:21 am

More CSS trickery

Stu Nicholls dropped me a line earlier to pimp his new CSS demo site, He’s got some really nice tricks and the site warrants serious exploration. There’s a good take on the classic 3 column layout with header and footer problem, a bunch of neat menus and a bunch of fun demos that defy categorisation.

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PECL :: Package :: tidy (via) Tidy for PHP; repairs busted HTML and lets you traverse the DOM as well # 1:26 am

Joel on Eric

Joel Spolsky’s latest essay reviews Eric Raymond’s The Art of Unix Programming (a book I really want to pick up) and uses it as background for a discussion of the cultural differences between Windows and Unix programmers. As always, it’s an insightful piece.

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Just in time instantiation (via) Python trick for proxying object instantiation # 12:46 am

Summer Internship at Fog Creek. One heck of an opportunity # 12:45 am

Mac buying advice needed

I’m in the market for a new laptop, and I’m almost 100% certain it’s going to be a Mac. I’m going to be using it as my primary personal computing platform, but the vast majority of what I do with a computer is browsing, using email and messing around Python, Apache and other geeky toys. I’m sorely tempted by one of the 14" iBooks. Since I’ll be using this thing a lot (and I’ve never been a huge fan of laptop keyboards) 12 inches seems to small, and I’m not convinced that the extra cash for a PowerBook is worthwhile now that iBooks go up to 1 GHz.

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Pricelessware (via) The best in Windows freeware # 12:05 am

Problems at University. Bath’s new academic year structure sounds bloody awful # 12:04 am

SiteBar. Like blogmarks but different # 12:03 am

We are all nerds now. I proudly call myself a “geek” # 12:02 am