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Tuesday, 2nd December 2003

Python vs PHP. He’s not the messiah! He’s a very naughty boy. # 11:19 pm

Skip This Rant and Read Shirky (via) More metadata challenges # 11:15 pm

The mystery of why only four properties apply to table columns. More deep and gruesome CSS theory from Hixie # 11:14 pm

Collective Ownership of Code and Text. Ward Cunningham interview, part II # 11:14 pm

A Tale of Two (Linux) Cities (via) Local government and Open Source # 8:55 pm

Dating Design Patterns (via) Reusable solutions for a complex system # 8:54 pm

Experiences of Using PHP in Large Websites. Global function namespace + oversimplification = trouble # 8:52 pm

Netstrings. Easy, secure method for transmitting strings over a network # 8:49 pm

Hire Dave Shea. You know you want to # 7:37 pm

Dicts from lists (via) Neat Python one-liner using 2.3’s extended slices # 4:44 pm Christmas decorations. Thankfully Firebird doesn’t play the midi files # 4:15 am

userland can access Linux kernel memory. Major local root exploit (and nothing to do with Dave Winer)—patch those boxen # 4:12 am

CSS Centering—fun for all! A good overview of a common gotcha # 4:08 am

FetchYahoo! Like Gotmail, for Yahoo # 4:08 am

Sortable Tables, with colour. An extension to Stuart’s sorttable.js # 4:07 am

A New Website for Harper’s Magazine. Paul Ford’s semantic web publishing system gets a commercial outing # 4:06 am

Dynamic or batch publishing? (via) A management-friendly guide to static vs dynamic # 4:05 am

Sidewinder: Resolution. My cousin’s new album. Buy it and support fresh talent ;) # 3:26 am

Downloading your hotmail inbox

Adrian just pointed me to a fantastic tool: Gotmail, a utility to download mail from Hotmail accounts. It’s a command line utitlity, written in Perl and making use of the curl binary, which can connect to Hotmail over the web and grab any new emails, saving them locally as an mbox file and deleting them from the Hotmail server.

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HTML entities for email addresses: don’t bother

I’ve suspected this for a long time, and now here’s the empirical evidence: Popular Spam Protection Technique Doesn’t Work. If you’re relying on HTML entities to protect your email address from spam harvesters—for example—your email address may as well be in plain text. Chip Rosenthal downloaded a tool called “Web Data Extractor v4.0” and tried it on some test data to prove once and for all that the technique doesn’t work.

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The 2003 Perl Advent Calendar (via) I wish Python had one of these # 2:38 am


New from Russ Weakley: Selectutorial, which taks his widely acclaimed step by step CSS tutorial style and applies it to CSS selectors. Having a full understanding of selectors is critical if you’re going to take full advantage of CSS, so if you don’t get them yet you should really check this out.

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