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Wednesday, 31st December 2003

The year that was. Craig Saila’s analysis of 2003 # 11:12 pm

10 ads America won’t see (via) Thank goodness then for the internet # 10:50 pm

Making Patch Files (via) How to contribute a patch # 8:45 pm

Propositioned through my blog. Mentioning “sex” in an entry title can have unintended consequences # 5:23 pm

t610 bluetooth = remote control. Controlling an iBook via Bluetooth # 4:21 pm

Funny Things I Have Said To “Famous Bloggers”... (via) ...That The “Famous Bloggers” Did Not Find Funny At All # 5:11 am

Installing psycopg on Red Hat 9

Adrian Holovaty and I spent some time today figuring out how to get the psycopg Postgres module to install on Red Hat 9. It took a while, but eventually we tweaked the spec file and used it to compile our own RPM. I’ve posted our modified spec file to the psycopg mailing list. More for my own record than anything else, the arcane incantations needed to create the RPM went roughly as follows:

[... 151 words]

Professional social software

Via D. Keith Robinson, LinkedIn is a social software system that works kind of like Friendster but is targetted at professionals. You sign up, create a profile that includes your industry and geographical area and it provides you with a number of tools to find other people with similar interests. More importantly, it lets you build up a network of contacts through which you can access other people. If nothing else, it’s a great way of maintaining your CV.

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Web’s inventor gets a knighthood (via) Sir Tim Berners-Lee # 3:24 am