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Saturday, 20th December 2003

Con Job at Diebold Subsidiary (via) Unbelievable: 5 convicted felons at Diebold, one a programmer convicted of falsifying records

# 12:37 am

Atom autodiscovery test suite

Mark Pilgrim has released the Atom autodiscovery test suite, comprising 148 tests:

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Anatomy of a linkblog. Keith’s design process for building his linkblog

# 9:53 pm Make A Donation. I tipped them a few bucks this year.

# 9:54 pm

Donate to the Mozilla Foundation. I’m waiting until after Christmas to see if I can afford $50 for the T-Shirt option.

# 9:55 pm

XML in PHP5 (via) An in-depth look into advanced XML features

# 9:56 pm

Donate to the PSF! Support Python as well.

# 10:02 pm / python, psf

I’ve ordered my PowerBook

Thanks to everyone who provided advice on buying a Mac—it provide incredibly helpful in making my selection. I placed my order this afternoon for a 15" 1 GHz PowerBook with a SuperDrive, backlit keyboard and 60 GB of Hard Disk space. I went with the minimum possible memory (256 MB) and plan to buy an extra 512 MB from Crucial (for less than half the price Apple charge) in a few weeks time.

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XML highlights for PHP 5

XML in PHP5: An in-depth look into advanced XML features (via Keith) does exactly what it says on the tin. Here are the bits that caught my eye:

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