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I’ve ordered my PowerBook

20th December 2003

Thanks to everyone who provided advice on buying a Mac—it provide incredibly helpful in making my selection. I placed my order this afternoon for a 15" 1 GHz PowerBook with a SuperDrive, backlit keyboard and 60 GB of Hard Disk space. I went with the minimum possible memory (256 MB) and plan to buy an extra 512 MB from Crucial (for less than half the price Apple charge) in a few weeks time.

I saved a serious chunk of money thanks to the Student Developer program (tip off from Leonard Lin), which for a $99 membership fee and proof of student status gives you up to 20% off your first hardware purchase from the Apple store. In total, I saved nearly a thousand pounds ($1500+) on the cost of the same machine in the UK. Truth be told, it was the amount I would save by buying here that inspired me to look at PowerBooks rather than iBooks in the first place.

Delivery in 2-3 business days. I can hardly wait.

This is I’ve ordered my PowerBook by Simon Willison, posted on 20th December 2003.

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