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Saturday, 13th December 2003

2004: Year of Linux? And 2003, and 2000, and 1999, and 1998... # 11:58 pm

LunaticPython. Python inside Lua inside Python and more # 10:10 pm

Javascript debugging: IE Option gotcha

I’ve been debugging Javascript today. I like Javascript as a language, but I doubt anyone would disagree that it’s a horrible, horrible language to debug across multiple browsers. Firebird at least has good debugging support—I currently use the Javascript Console and Jesse Ruderman’s shell bookmarklet and I really need to learn to use Venkman some day. If anyone knows a better way of debugging Javascript in IE than relying on the lame popup box I’d love to hear about it.

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John Zelle response to Kirby’s review. Insight in to aims of a CS1 course # 9:11 pm

Widgetopia (via) Website UI elements, collected # 8:08 pm

Learning how to be a developer (via) aka “Why intensive 5 day training courses suck” # 7:08 pm

Ward Takes On Microsoft. Let’s hope they don’t lock up all his cool ideas # 6:42 pm

Spider-Man 2 blog templates (via) Smart blog related marketing # 2:03 am

Night of the Image Map. Combining image replacement and absolute positioning to recreate the Image Map effect # 2:01 am

CVS version control for web development (via) CVS tutorial targetted at groups maintaining a web site # 1:47 am

Grouping table data by header

Andy’s latest Javascript experiment is over a week old now but I managed to miss it the first time round. It’s an interesting twist on the sortable tables idea, allowing table data to be grouped as well as sorted by dragging each table header on to a box at the top of the table. Unfortunately the grouping feature seems unstable in IE but it works a treat in Firebird.

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New Python Computer Science text book

Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science is a new Computer Science text book designed for use in introduction to programming classes, written by John Zelle, who’s Teaching with Python page . Kirby Urner recently posted a mostly positive review of the book to the Python Edu-SIG mailing list, which sparked an interesting discussion about Python’s place in the CS curriculum.

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Static content generation

Ian Bicking has an interesting pieces on using static publishing in a CMS. The choice between static and dynamic when building software for the web is a critical one, and one that I think deserves in-depth discussion.

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Content management, the hard way (via) “Open source software ... pretty much guarantees lock-in to one vendor”—what’s this guy smoking? # 12:05 am