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Thursday, 26th October 2023

Now add a walrus: Prompt engineering in DALL‑E 3

Visit Now add a walrus: Prompt engineering in DALL‑E 3

Last year I wrote about my initial experiments with DALL-E 2, OpenAI’s image generation model. I’ve been having an absurd amount of fun playing with its sequel, DALL-E 3 recently. Here are some notes, including a peek under the hood and some notes on the leaked system prompt.

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Oh-Auth—Abusing OAuth to take over millions of accounts (via) Describes an attack against vulnerable implementations of OAuth.

Let’s say your application uses OAuth against Facebook, and then takes the returned Facebook token and gives it access to the user account with the matching email address passed in the token from Facebook.

It’s critical that you also confirm the token was generated for your own application, not something else. Otherwise any secretly malicious app online that uses Facebook login could take on of their stored tokens and use it to hijack an account of your site belonging to that user’s email address.

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Execute Jina embeddings with a CLI using llm-embed-jina

Berlin-based Jina AI just released a new family of embedding models, boasting that they are the “world’s first open-source 8K text embedding model” and that they rival OpenAI’s text-embedding-ada-002 in quality.

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