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Sunday, 22nd October 2023

Weeknotes: PyBay, AI Engineer Summit, Datasette metadata and JavaScript plugins

I’ve had a bit of a slow two weeks in terms of building things and writing code, thanks mainly to a couple of conference appearances. I did review and land a couple of major contributions to Datasette though.

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Solving the Engineering Strategy Crisis (via) Will Larson’s 49m video discussing engineering strategy: what one is and how to build one. He defines an engineering strategy as having two key components: an honest diagnosis of the way things currently work, and a practical approach to making things better.

Towards the end of the talk he suggests that there are two paths to developing a new strategy. The first is to borrow top-down authority from a sponsor such as a CTO, and the second is to work without any borrowed authority, instead researching how things work at the moment and, through documenting that, write a strategy document into existence! # 9:18 pm

Patrick Newman’s Software Engineering Management Checklist (via) This tiny document may have the highest density of good engineering management advice I’ve ever encountered. # 9:16 pm

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