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Sunday, 8th October 2023

jo (via) Neat little C utility (available via brew/apt-get install etc) for conveniently outputting JSON from a shell: “jo -p name=jo n=17 parser=false” will output a JSON object with string, integer and boolean values, and you can nest it to create nested objects. Looks very handy.

# 5:20 am / c, json

Decomposing Language Models Into Understandable Components. Anthropic appear to have made a major breakthrough with respect to the interpretability of Large Language Models:

“[...] we outline evidence that there are better units of analysis than individual neurons, and we have built machinery that lets us find these units in small transformer models. These units, called features, correspond to patterns (linear combinations) of neuron activations. This provides a path to breaking down complex neural networks into parts we can understand”

# 3:43 pm / ai, generative-ai, llms, anthropic, interpretability

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