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Tuesday, 17th October 2023

Open questions for AI engineering

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Last week I gave the closing keynote at the AI Engineer Summit in San Francisco. I was asked by the organizers to both summarize the conference, summarize the last year of activity in the space and give the audience something to think about by posing some open questions for them to take home.

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Making CRDTs 98% more efficient (via) Outstanding piece of explanatory writing by Jake Lazaroff showing how he reduced the transmitted state of his pixel art CRDT implementation from 643KB to 15KB using a progression of tricks, each of which is meticulously explained and accompanied by an interactive demo.

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The paradox of ChatGPT is that it is both a step forward beyond graphical user interfaces, because you can ask for anything, not just what’s been built as a feature with a button, but also a step back, because very quickly you have to memorise a bunch of obscure incantations, much like the command lines that GUIs replaced, and remember your ideas for what you wanted to do and how you did it last week

Benedict Evans

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