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Wednesday, 25th October 2023

If a LLM is like a database of millions of vector programs, then a prompt is like a search query in that database [...] this “program database” is continuous and interpolative — it’s not a discrete set of programs. This means that a slightly different prompt, like “Lyrically rephrase this text in the style of x” would still have pointed to a very similar location in program space, resulting in a program that would behave pretty closely but not quite identically. [...] Prompt engineering is the process of searching through program space to find the program that empirically seems to perform best on your target task.

François Chollet # 11:26 pm

Web Components Will Outlive Your JavaScript Framework (via) A really clear explanation of the benefit of Web Components built using dependency-free vanilla JavaScript, specifically for interactive components that you might want to embed in something like a blog post. Includes a very neat minimal example component. # 5:19 pm

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