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Wednesday, 8th September 2004 Bank robbed in south Lawrence. All of our reporters are armed with camera phones.

# 10:49 pm

Full text RSS on MSDN gets turned off. RSS doesn’t scale.

# 9:42 pm

Safari Menu Bar Tip. Command click right on the text in the title bar.

# 9:32 pm

PostgreSQL startup items for MacOS X (via) Thank you! I’ve been wanting this for months.

# 6:06 pm / macosx, postgresql

OS X Security Update 2004-09-07 (via) Plenty of important fixes; a must-have.

# 3:45 pm / osx, security

In a secret Paris cavern, the real underground cinema (via) Secret cinemas in the catacombs of Paris.

# 7:17 am / catacombs, cinema, lesux, paris, secret

Spotlight-like livesearch added (via) XmlHTTPRequest strikes again!

# 3:20 am

Joel on Software—It’s Not Just Usability. More social software design thinking from Joel.

# 1:31 am

Sell Side Advertising: A New Model? Intriguing: ads spread virally, publishers pick the ones they like.

# 1:26 am

The Science of Word Recognition (via) Microsoft’s Typography site is a diamond in the rough.

# 1:12 am

LazyChat. I’m trying this right now, AIM: heknuks

# 12:38 am