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Thursday, 2nd September 2004

Markdown | Gadgetopia. I hadn’t quite grokked the importance of allowing links to become footnotes. # 11:26 pm

Programming, aesthetics, and religion. Another thoughtful post on programming languages from Ronaldo. # 8:56 pm

Afghanistan VoIP. Thanks to VoIP, Afghanistan shares a dial code with Northampton. # 6:09 pm

Zell Miller on John Kerry... in 2001 (via) How times have changed. # 7:46 am

The Unpolitical Animal (via) A look at what influences the average voter. Fascinating reading no matter which side you are. # 7:05 am

Blogzilla: And We’re Back!! Thanks to RSS, I never even noticed they’d gone. # 6:36 am

Movable Type 3.1 Still a Developer Edition? It looks like MT is running up against the limitations of static publishing. # 1:53 am

Screenscraping the Senate. Paul Ford’s new column for # 1:35 am

BarlowFriendz: Dancarchy Reigns! RNC protesting with a smile and a jiggle. # 1:33 am