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Wednesday, 22nd September 2004 job: Monitor / Linguist. Evesdrop on phone calls for the DHS, for $45 an hour! # 11:41 pm

After Abu Ghraib. If even one tenth of this is true, it should be an international scandal. # 5:26 pm

Opera 7.60 Preview 1 Changenotes. XMLHttpRequest + other goodies. # 10:27 am

XMLHttpRequest is coming to Opera! (via) It’s already in IE, Mozilla and Safari—Opera completes the set. # 10:20 am

Compiling PNG utilities on Mac OS X. Likely to be useful at some point. # 6:28 am

NetNewsWire 2.0b3 and MarsEdit public betas. Plenty of new features, free upgrades for registered users. # 4:13 am