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Monday, 20th September 2004

Why online newspapers require registration. Rick Skrenta says it’s due to competition with print ads and spam. # 11:20 pm

Matching newlines in JavaScript

Just a quick note: the . character in a JavaScript regular expression will never match a newline character. If you want to match any character including newlines you can use the [\s\S] character class instead, which means “any character that’s either whitespace or not whitespace”.

[... 86 words]

Implementing Piped List in CSS (via) Simple, effective border trick. # 9:20 pm

The Sun Does Not Shine Online. Paper losing 90,000 readers a day to their free web edition. # 7:19 pm

Net security threats growing fast. 30,000+ PCs a day are being compromised for botnets. # 6:44 pm

Tkinter Tricks: Using Complex Numbers to Rotate Canvas Items. Smart use of Python’s complex number type. # 6:43 pm

CSS 2.1 Index. The best way of browing the CSS spec. Even better with TypeAhead find. # 6:36 pm

My llama photos. I think it’s a llama; it might be an alpaca. # 4:55 pm

UI Patterns and Techniques (via) Patterns for User Interface design. # 8:32 am

A9 and Google Local. Remote scripting features heavily on these two recent high profile site launches. # 6:42 am