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Monday, 6th September 2004

Why I don’t recommend Firefox. The average user needs more mollycoddling. # 9:49 pm

Missing Keystrokes in OS X (via) Emacs style keybindings are available in all Cocoa apps. # 9:20 pm

Brits turning into computer buffs. Personally I find it shocking that only 75% of adults have used a computer. # 8:54 pm

The Curse of Dick Cheney (via) With material like this, how can the Democrat campaign be so weak? # 8:34 pm

The bookmarklet solution to the password problem

Anyone who makes heavy use of the internet has run in to the password problem: dozens of user accounts on sites with varying degrees of trustability, leading to an unmanageable proliferation of username and password combinations. The temptation is to use the same combination on multiple sites, but doing so opens you up to the horrifying prospect of a security flaw in one site compromising al of your other accounts.

[... 366 words]

Why does anyone put up with this? Windows spyware is completely out of control. # 6:24 pm

Another less sleepy alternative to Hibernate. Ian demonstrates SQLObject. # 7:35 am

Bye-bye CVS. I’ve been Subverted. I didn’t know about “svn diff -r PREV”. # 5:32 am